Here are movies that the Shooting Stars gang starred in, outside of the Shooting Stars series itself.

Shooting Stars Promo

This was the very first movie starring the Shooting Stars characters. It was first shown at Clickteam Convention 2003 and was used to introduce the characters. Knowing that it would be first aired at the convention, I took the opertunity to have some fun in the video...

Merry Christmas

On the run up to Christmas 2003, the Shooting Stars gang were used in a short Christmas greeting. This video got very limited release at the time, only being sent to a few people. The video uses the characters from Shooting Stars and also stars elements from another game I was working on, The Caretaker.

3D Movie Production Tutorial - Movie 1

Before work got started on Shooting Stars 1, I created a multimedia tutorial to teach people how to create movies using 3D software on their computer. The way I looked at it was, it took me years to connect all the dots and realise how to go from A to B to C to turn that idea in my head into a movie on screen, so I made this tutorial to help others reach that goal quicker. The tutorial was a huge success and it even appeared on the cover disc of issue 80 of Digit magazine.

Given that this tutorial would really establish the Shooting Stars characters (as it was my first big outing doing movies with them), one change that came about was Saber's voice. I felt the 'Angry Paul' voice wasn't good enough for his character, so after a bit of messing around, I came up with Saber's raspy voice which I think suits his character very well. The only problem is, when recording speech for him, I always have to have a drink handy. Saber's voice is tricky to do for long!!

3D Movie Production Tutorial - Movie 2

This movie established the characters for the user of the tutorial and it gave the viewer an idea of what was to come...

3D Movie Production Tutorial - Movie 3

This movie further established Bo Nus's character and his unique view of the world.

3D Movie Production Tutorial - Movie 4

Just in case the viewer needed any more idea of just how unique Bo Nus is, this movie really sold him and was one of the most loved movies of Bo Nus from the tutorial. This movie was used in the chapter on story planning.

3D Movie Production Tutorial - Movie 5

Just a short movie to show the model makeup of Bo Nus.

3D Movie Production Tutorial - Movie 6

The goal of this movie was to show how animation alone can be a powerful tool to communicate what a character is feeling.

3D Movie Production Tutorial - Movie 7

This movie built on the previous one and showed how animation and voice come together to really bring a character to life.

3D Movie Production Tutorial - Movie 8

Here the viewer learned how you can use one scene repeatedly to create and forward a story.

3D Movie Production Tutorial - Movie 9

This movie was really a bit of fun giving the viewer a chance to vote for his favourite Shooting Stars character. I wonder who won...?

3D Movie Production Tutorial - Movie 10

The big movie at the end of the 3D Movie Production Tutorial. This movie showed all the elements of the tutorial brought together to create a finished movie on screen. While there were some timing issues during the rollercoast ride, overall I love this movie.

Bo Nus's Hat

When Shooting Stars 1 was completed, this was an extra bonus movie created that shipped with the game. It tells the story of how Bo Nus got his hat.

Christmas Greetings

This short Christmas greeting was created in 2009 as only an audio sample for a Christmas wish for the Clickteam community. In 2010, I added the two static screenshots, feeling the audio didn't need video (it carries itself very well), and uploaded it to YouTube for all to hear.