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Welcome to the KnightTrek Productions PC Software page. Here you will find our commercial PC software - powerful applications keeping your creativity flowing, and fun games keeping you entertained for hours on end!!
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KnightTrek Productions Treasure Chest
Rename My Files

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KnightTrek Productions Dungeoneer.

A first-person-perspective interactive cinematic story experience
by KnightTrek Productions

Visit the Dungeoneer webpage

KnightTrek Productions Treasure Chest

KnightTrek Productions Treasure Chest.

The KnightTrek Productions website has been up and running since the year 2000 and over the years a lot of games, demos, example files, multimedia programs and applications have been released. Over the years they have grown into a rich collection of programs from KnightTrek Productions.

The KnightTrek Productions Treasure Chest is filled with these programs, all on two DVD ROM discs, for easy access. Every non-commercial program we ever released is here and the KnightTrek Productions Treasure Chest content will continue to grow as more programs are released by KnightTrek Productions.

The KnightTrek Productions Treasure Chest contains:

Games Applications Movies
Blastoid 3D Movie Production Tutorial A Burst For Freedom
Blox Clickteam Conventions Station Unknown
Bounce Digi Graph The Enemy Unknown
Brix Mania DigiGraph 2 The Enemy Unknown - First Strike
Dungeoneer (incomplete) DigiGraph 3 The Enemy Unknown - War
Early Games Disc Mapper The Stranger
Flow Fun Mail The Stranger - Vision of Evil
!!!Incoming!!! FunMail 2 The Stranger - Armageddon
Knightmare FunMail Mania Dark Howls
Pepoid World Imagizer Dark Howls - Confrontation
Probics Conquest Imagizer 2 Dark Howls - Revelations
Shooting Stars Imagizer 3 Dragon Quest
Shooting Stars 2 - The Prizonian Invasion KnightTrek Zine Death Sticks - The Facts
Space Dispatcher Pauls Music The Enemy Unknown - Alliance
Space Dispatcher 2 Rename My Files The Enemy Unknown - Armageddon
Space Dispatcher 3 RPG Tutorial  
Spies 1 Sound Bopper  
Spies 2 Sound Bopper 2  
WeatherWarZ Sound Bopper 3  
  Xmas Card  

The KnightTrek Productions Treasure Chest is filled with all our released non-commercial content and comes with a website based menu system.

KnightTrek Productions Treasure Chest
Physical DVD shipment: Euro.10.00

Rename My Files

Rename My Files.

Snapping photos with your camera, phone and tablet...
Downloading files from the internet...
We've all got folders on our PC full of files with filenames that don't really tell you what they are. You want to rename them, but with hundreds of oddly named files that need to be renamed, the task is quite daunting and so the task goes undone...

Well not any more... KnightTrek Productions Rename My Files can rename all those files for you at the click of a mouse button!

Rename My Files (RMF) offers you eight renaming actions which you setup to allow you to create a custom naming structure for your files.

Arrange this eight actions onto RMF Action Stack, specifying exactly how you want your files renamed. Once all the new filenames are to your liking, click the Rename My Files button and allow RMF quickly and easily apply the new filenames to your files. If by chance you rename a batch of files and then decide you shouldn't have done that, RMF comes with an undo function that will restore your files back to their original filename anytime you wish.

Rename My Files contains:

Quick and easy way to rename hundreds of files at the click of a mouse button. Eight unique actions which you customise and place on the Action Stack to create your new file naming system.
Load and save functions to save the Action Stack for use on other files in the future. An Undo Renaming function to restore renamed files to their original filename.
A great software licencing agreement that means you buy once and receive all future upgrades for free! A software licencing agreement that allows you to buy one copy and install RMF on every computer you own and every computer in your business complex.

Rename My Files - Licence Agreement

Thank you for purchasing Rename My Files. Your use of the software is covered by the following licence agreement:

  • Your single purchase of Rename My Files entitles you to install the software on every computer that you own.
  • If you are a business, government body, school, college, university, or other such industrial complex, your single purchase of Rename My Files entitles you to install the software on every computer within your complex.
  • You are fully entitled to any and all updates and upgrades to this software, including any future new versions of the software that may be developed and released. Your single purchase gives you a lifetime ownership of Rename My Files and all future versions of it.
  • You are not free to distribute the Rename My Files software. Your purchase allows you, or your organisation, to use the software and to install it on as many computers as you own. But you agree not to distribute the software beyond that. Any installation serial numbers found to be distributed will be locked out of future installations of the software.

Download Rename My Files.exe (7.1Mb)

Rename My Files
Digital download: Euro.3.00


Help Stan the weatherman to forecast the weather successfully. WeatherWarZ is a classic tile swapping game based on weather. Pick a season to play and then slide weather tiles around forming matches of three tiles or more. Be careful though because you must fulfil the level criteria and fulfil Stan's weather forecast at the same time!


WeatherWarZ contains:

Four seasons to play in, and a bonus Global Warming season where things really do get crazy! Eight unique weather tiles, all animated.
Unique twist on the classic tile swapping gameplay mode where you must end each level by fulfilling Stan's weather forecast. Different goals to achieve on each level.
A number of background tunes to make each level different. Bonus tiles to help you complete later levels.

Download WeatherWarZ.exe (505Mb)

Digital download: Euro.3.00

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